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      My name is Daniel Lewis. I began managing investment properties in 1996 which has given me added experience to offer my clients. I am currently managing five properties in my home County of Johnson while I maintain multi-million dollar sales status. I work full time in the field of real estate, as part of the Classic Properties Farm & Home team, and I am personally committed to serving you with all your real estate needs. I specialize in Farm, Vacant, Recreational and Investment type properties in and near Shawnee National Forest.
      I am a member of Classic Properties Farm & Home. Classic Properties Farm & Home. is a member of The Egyptian Board of REALTORS, Inc. the Egyptian MLS, the Illinois Association of Realtors, and the National Association of Realtors.

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      Johnson County is my home and Vienna is my home town. I have been a lifelong and sixth-generation resident (on both maternal and paternal sides of the family) from Johnson and Saline County. As an avid bow hunter, I have the opportunity to explore the beauty that is Southern Illinois. While I try to maintain that Down home, Country style that is common to this area, I offer my customers courtesy and professionalism that they can depend on, with knowledge gained through personal experience of the Southern Illinois Region.
      As an avid Trail Rider, I have spent many days on The River to River Trail which draws thousands of Trail Riders to the area as do the many Horse Campgrounds and Ranches located in the Shawnee National Forest. I'm a "Local Boy" who knows this area very well.
      Those of you who have visited the many recreational areas in the Shawnee National Forest, such as: Garden of the Gods, Giant City, Ferne Clyffe, or Dixon Springs State Park, Lake Glendale, Bell Smith Springs, Rim Rock and Pounds Hollow, Heron Pond as well as the Cache River area, already appreciate the beauty and diversity that is here in Southern Illinois. To the rest of you I say, "I look forward to helping you discover the splendor that awaits you here."
      Represents Belknap, Buncombe, Cypress, Goreville, New Burnside, Simpson and Vienna (county seat).

      Nearly half of Johnson County lies within the Shawnee National Forest. The Ozark and Shawnee Hills extend over 270,000 acres of rough mountaintops and rugged rock formations between the natural borders of the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers. This terrain, which is much different than the flat Midwest directly to the north, claims five different ecological divisions and hence creates vast diversity in topography, wildlife and recreation. Famous trails, wilderness, Midwestern wildlife and famed foliage are only some of the Shawnee's attractions. Maple, dogwood, oak and pine are interspersed among the unique sandstone configurations that decorate the eastern hills and offer a bouldering destination for rock hounds. Lakes encompassing more than 2,700 acres and access to 135 miles of hiking trails, including the American Discovery Trail, can be found in the Shawnee.

      In the north of the county is Lake of Egypt Recreation Area and Ferne Clyff State Park at Goreville. The Cache River State Natural Area lies near Belknap. In 2007, the Illinois Bureau of Tourism selected the cypress trees at the area as a nominee for the Seven Wonders of Illinois representing the Southern Region. These massive trees whose flared bases, called buttresses, exceed 40 feet in circumference. Among these 1,000-year-old trees is one that has earned the title of State Champion Bald Cypress because of its huge trunk girth, towering height and heavily branched canopy.

      Cache River and Bay Creek traverse the county.

      Johnson County was organized in 1812 out of Randolph County. It was named for Richard M. Johnson, who was then a U.S. Congressman from Kentucky. In 1813, Johnson commanded a Kentucky regiment at the Battle of the Thames, after which he claimed to have killed Tecumseh in hand to hand combat. Johnson went on to be Vice President of the United States.



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